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Bulk SMS service

You can access all relevant information such as cost, revenue and margins. On top of this, you will have the margins to response rates, replies, opens and link clicks.

When you choose SMS Genius you are opting for a service which will ensure you are reaching your entire target audience.

The age range is an important factor and being able to market to higher ages will allow you to en-gage effectively.

With SMS link tracking, you will have enough space left for the key message. This is done through the assurance that the character limit is never exceeded.

Innovation moves to the optimisation of SMS delivery. What this means is that you will analyse which contacts failed to connect.

You can monitor all texts and remove any failed contacts from your next SMS Genius campaign.

Did you know that we will also be able to target only verified contacts? This reduces wasted time, efforts and texts.

Choose SMS Genius. Choose optimisation in lead generation. Run an effective SMS campaign today.

Interested In Bulk SMS?

Bizam is a leader in bulk SMS services marketing campaigns. It is an efficient form of marketing that tar-gets a multitude of potential customers.

Did you know that approximately 90% of people read their texts within 3 seconds? With this, your chances of readability are higher than other forms of marketing.

When you choose Bizam, you are opting for a company that provides personalised and fresh bulk SMS service & campaigns. We will design the campaigns for your target audience and provide you with everything you need to attract the right leads.

Improve your conversion rates today, contact Bizam!


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