SMS Campaigns

SMS Campaigns

SMS marketing campaigns

SMS Campaigns & SMS Marketing share a lot in common with email campaigns, however, the difference is in the details. Where they may not have the advantage of using visuals or are limited in character count, they are a faster and more effective way to market.

You are able to send different types of messages to your audience. You can send out automated SMS messages which can confirm things such as transactions, provide more information on shipment tracking and remind individuals about the brand itself.

When you decide to use Bizam, you are choosing to use a business that will develop a custom campaign for you. You will pick your audience, and send out information to the list via text.

In fact, a study shows that on average, texts are opened up 98% more often than not. This indicates that this form of SMS marketing, has a higher open rater than other kinds of advertising options.

So why should you decide to use it?

For one, if you’re looking to begin advertising on a budget, SMS marketing offers as a cost effective solution. It is an affordable approach to reaching an audience of your choice. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in the game for a while, cutting costs while still advertising is a smart idea.

On top of this, the digital age has made it imperative to be mobile friendly. We can’t think of anything more mobile friendly than a text message on your phone.

Finally SMS marketing can simply be an added marketing strategy to your already running campaigns.

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