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Bizam Marketing is more than just a business that markets on emails and SMS’s, we offer a wide range of services. This includes E-mail Signature Marketing, Bulk Mailers, Newsletter and SMS Genius.

Our goal is to diversify your marketing tactics, providing options and channels for individuals to find you. As we all know, the more people that know you exist, the better chance you have of converting them into clients.

Our expertise is of the highest order, where we know exactly how to market on each platform. This has lead to us being one of the standout email marketing and SMS campaign businesses in South Africa.

Bizam provides quality over quantity as the right message prevails over a lot of messages.

Allow us to run your E-mail marketing and SMS campaigns today. We guarantee that your business will find its way to more potential customers.

On top of this, we guarantee that your existing customers will remain, as our marketing strategies aim for brand loyalty.

If results is what interests you, and you would like it to be of the highest order, then you’ve found your new marketing home. We tailor-make each campaign to what it is you want to achieve in that specific moment. As such, we believe that building a strong relationship together, will allow us to provide our creative solutions to E-mail marketing and SMS marketing.

The Bizam long term goal is to be recognised on a global scale as the chief authority on E-mail marketing and SMS marketing. We strive for excellence, best practice and an ongoing determination for success.

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