Email Banners And Signatures

Email banners & signaturesWe offer unique email banners and signatures service which allows you to stand out from the crowd.

The feature provides interactive signatures and banner campaigns, with clickable links to your site and social medias. The email signatures provide consistency across your company

Generate a variety of different signatures, campaigns and disclaimers for single employees, groups and entire organisations.

Differentiate yourself with additional features which will present more of a connection between you and your clients. The speciality offers you the opportunity to connect with potential customers interestingly.

Your fresh and exciting email banners and signatures can be changed when you want. It is also beneficial in that you will be able to schedule campaigns. These campaigns work for individual senders or groups within your company.

They serve as targeted campaigns to recipients. They will be based on the recipient’s address, domain, former engagement activity. Keywords will also play a factor in the ability to target particular markets.

Employing several different web links will improve your traffic to the website and social medias of your choice.

It ensures that recipients connect to landing pages, posts and video links. With this, you will integrate your digital assets and platforms seamlessly.

Wait There’s More?

When recipients engage with the campaigns real-time notifications will pop up. This will highlight precisely what potential clients are interested in, which assists in converting leads to sales.

Allow us to run your email marketing and SMS campaigns today. We guarantee that your business will find its way to more potential customers.

The email banners and signatures service offer more in terms of analytics. The insights are automated, with access to divisions, individual users and date ranges.

You can compare and contrast between different campaigns. You can integrate both your web analytics with your measurement of conversion rates.

Would You Like To Get Involved In Bulk Email?

Bizam supplies bulk email as a service, which will send an email to a large group of individuals at once.

With personalised and automated emails, your potential clients can turn into fully-fledged customers in an instant. This can be achieved through the service which is a cost-effective alternative to marketing.

We will provide you with the best bulk E-mail services which guarantee customer engagement. The more people engage with your emails, the higher your lead generation will be. On top of this, your conversion rate will skyrocket.


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